Restriction Stamps

Restriction stamps are mainly for illegal shipments. It is a stamp placed on the package to avoid any the police or any law enforcement from opening or checking the content of the package. They vary in prices and their payments are always refundable upon delivery of the package so, in other words, it is a free stamp to ensure the safety and protection of your package.

$300, $400, $500, $600

Restriction stamp payments are always refundable upon delivery of any package


Domestic Refunds
All refunds need proof of purchase. You may need one or all of the following when you request a refund

Tracking number
Purchase receipt
Photo ID
For shipments sent from and to the United States

International Refunds
Shipments out of the United States are traced and processed differently from arriving mail. Mail sent from the US may be eligible for a postage or fee refund if

A guaranteed or full service was not rendered.
You were incorrectly charged return charges for an undeliverable-as-addressed item.
You were overcharged.
For shipments sent within the United States

Shipping Restrictions

Can you ship it?
Can you mail alcohol? Beer? Cigarettes? Fruits and vegetables? If you have any questions about whether or not the contents of your shipment can be shipped by USPS®, consult the lists of prohibited and restricted items below. The lists are not exhaustive, so if you’re looking for information not covered below, please refer to the resources available under Helpful Links.

All prohibited domestic items are also prohibited from being shipped internationally. However, some items that are prohibited from being shipped internationally can shipped domestically, with some restrictions.

Prohibited Domestic Items
Air bags
Prohibited International Items
Air Bags
Alcoholic Beverages
Dry Ice
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Marijuana (medical or otherwise)
Nail Polish
Perfumes (containing alcohol)

Insurance & Extra Services

Ship with Care
Standard Shipping Insurance
You can purchase insurance coverage for your mailpieces for up to $5,000 in indemnity to protect against loss or damage. Insurance fees are based on the item’s declared value. There are limitations for insuring some products and certain items. Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail® may include insurance in them

Priority Mail Express & Priority Mail
With some exceptions, Priority Mail Express shipments include up to $4000 of insurance and Priority Mail shipments may include up to $50. For more valuable shipments, additional coverage is usually available.

Protect Your Shipments
Registered Mail and Restriction stamps (for illegal items)
Get maximum security for your valuable items. Registered Mail items can be insured for up to $50,000 at your Post Office™.

Purchase at your Post Office or through your Rural Carrier.
Regardless of how purchased, present Registered Mail items for mailing to a Postal employee.
Receive a mailing receipt, and upon request, electronic verification that an article was delivered or that a delivery attempt was made.
Pay for your restriction stamp on time and get your refunds upon delivery of your package.
Prices begin at $12.40

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